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"Benim Mahallem" is ready for the TEOG (Entrance to High School) Exam


Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey, held the second TEOG Seminars within the scope of Benim Mahallem social responsibility project launched in cooperation with Büyükçekmece District National Education Directorate and TOÇEV.

TOÇEV's specialized educators met with the parents and children from Büyükçekmece, and shared the correct attitudes to be displayed before and after the exam with the participants.

TEOG Seminars, a part of Benim Mahallem Project, was held at the conference halls of Büyükçekmece 19 Mayıs Secondary School, Akçansa Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Secondary School on April 18-20. With a high interest of people living in Büyükçekmece district, approximately 1.500 people have attended to the seminars.

During the seminars held as separate sessions for parents and children, information such as how to cope with exam anxiety before and during the TEOG exam, relaxation techniques that can be used during the exam, and correct breathing exercises was provided to the 8th grade students. Topics such as how the children can keep their motivation high before, during and after the exam and how they can feel confident were discussed. In addition to TOÇEV's specialist educators, Ekin Şenvardarlı, who scored full in last year's TEOG exam, also shared her experiences with the students.

Information on how to apply a correct attitude to the children before and after the exam was provided to the parents. Büyükçekmece District National Education Manager Hasan Uygun, and Akçansa Büyükçekmece Factory Manager Edip Alpan, as well as several parents have attended to the parent seminar.

Büyükçekmece District National Education Manager Hasan Uygun stated that he believes the TEOG seminars held will provide support to the students and parents before the exam and said, "Our children have listened from the specialist educators about what they should pay attention to before and during the exam. Parents have a big part in supporting the children, having a trust in them, and motivating them at this stage. As the District Manager, I would like to thank all of our stakeholders who had contributed to the organization and execution of the programs."

Akçansa Büyükçekmece Factory Manager Edip Alpan said, “Within the scope of our Benim Mahallem social responsibility project, we met with the parents and children twice before the TEOG Exam. TOÇEV's specialist educators have provided information to the children for keeping their motivation high, and to the parents for displaying the correct attitude to their children before and after the exam. We are very pleased with the interest and participation to the seminars. We hope that the children achieve the success they want with the support of their parents. We will continue our Benim Mahallem educations without slowing down."