Technology and Innovation


Research and Technological Development

Akçansa maintains its activities in cooperation with universities, public institutions, sectoral NGOs, and the Heidelberg Technology Centre regarding areas of new product development, product optimization studies, providing technical support before and after sales, lectures on cement and concrete technologies at universities and contributions to research in these fields, as well as national and international scientific publications.



Major R&D Projects Completed

  • Research on Mineraliser Use in Clinker Production (Tübitak Teydeb Project)
  • Research on Hydration Reactions and Their Effects in Cement (In Collaboration with Sabancı University)
  • Determination of Usage Criteria of Products Recovered from Construction and Demolition Waste (Tübitak Teydeb Project)
  • Research on the Use of Microalgae as Additional Fuel and CO2 Scavenger in the Cement Production Process (Tübitak Teydeb Project)
  • Development of High-Performance Cement and Concrete Products for the Bosporus Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) Project
  • Development of High Consistency and Performance Cement and Concrete Products for Major Infrastructure Projects
  • Development of High Consistency and Performance Concrete Products for High-Rise Structures
  • Development of High-Performance Cement and Concrete Products for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Project
  • RFID Tag Monitoring of Concrete Samples Project (In Cooperation with Ankaref and Vuruşkan Companies)
  • Macro Synthetic Fibre Roller Compacted Concrete Road Project (In Cooperation with Boğaziçi University and Kordsa)
  • Design of Cement and Concrete with Improved Thermal Properties
  • Instant Digital (Tablet or Smartphone) Monitoring System of Concrete Strength with Sensors (SmartBeton)
  • Monitoring Quality Control Parameters in Cement Production (E-Factory Quality Application)
  • Life Cycle Analysis for Ready-Mixed Concrete Standard and Special Products plus the Obtaining of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Certificates
  • Determining a CO2 Road Map in line with 2030 Sustainability Goals and Creating a Plan for the Development of New Products with Low Carbon / Low Clinker
  • Use of Activated Natural Materials (Calcined Clay) as Cement Substitute (In Collaboration with Sabancı University)
  • Development of Waterproof Concrete Product to Meet the Requirements of the Structural Insulation Method Described in the Waterproofing Regulation (Hidromix)
  • Development of a Tool for Load Bearing Capacity and Equivalent Reinforcement Calculation of Macro Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Floor Concretes (Kratosbeton)
  • Research on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Technologies (Sabancı X-Teams Project)
  • Research on the Carbon Capture Application and Utilization (CCU) Technologies in Building Materials (Sabancı X-Teams Project)
  • Prediction of Quality Control Parameters in Cement and Concrete Production with Advanced Data Analytics
  • Concrete Production and Utilization of Construction Demolition Waste in Construction Applications (In Collaboration with YTÜ)
  • Development of Superior Durability Concrete Product (Solidmix) for the Requirements of sulphate-resistant and Long-Lasting Infrastructure Projects

Ongoing Major R&D Projects

  • Research on the Use of Alternative Mineral Additives (Pozzolanas) in Cement and Concrete Production and Low Carbon / Low Clinker Production Technologies
  • Technology Assessment within the Scope of the Decarbonisation Strategy, Prioritisation of Alternative Technologies, and Investigation of Their Applicability (In Collaboration with KPMG)
  • Research on the Reuse of Construction Demolition Wastes as Carbon Sequestration Material in Cement and Concrete Production by Upcycling
  • Investigation of the Usability of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Fuel Mixture