Human Resources



Life at Akçansa

Our employees stay with our company because the flexible, collaborative, and data-driven work culture inspires them. They feel valued and are given exceptional opportunities to learn and grow continuously. At Akçansa, we value diversity and different opinions by prioritizing people’s needs and ensuring their participation in decision-making processes. We aim to improve ourselves through continuous learning and become future leaders with the passion and courage to succeed.

Future of Work

Akçansa’s Future of Work project aims to enhance business practices and equip its workforce with the necessary competencies. The company is committed to supporting its employees through various developmental opportunities to foster a culture of continuous learning. These opportunities include digital development programs, workshops and seminars, social clubs, and other events. Additionally, Akçansa provides support to its employees who wish to pursue postgraduate education.

However YOU like

The Akçansa Hybrid Working Model was permanently implemented with the participation of the project team consisting of employees from different functions by evaluating employee and business requirements, with the motto ‘However YOU like.’

While employees were offered the opportunity to book offices in different locations, the project provided differentiation from other hybrid working models.

End-to-End Recruitment Process

Akçansa aims to offer the best recruitment experience to potential employee candidates by adjusting the recruitment process into an end-to-end system and designing its processes in line with the ‘Right Job, Right Choice’ principle.

Our company accesses the most suitable talent thanks to the recruitment system that allows candidates to apply from various platforms. Following the applications, candidates with relevant job qualifications participate in value-based interviews, inventories, and foreign language placement tests based on objective observation and evaluation criteria.

Talent Acquisition

Akçansa has developed GençİZ, a long-term internship program for female students that aims to redefine the ‘Future of Work’ vision. The program offers an authentic work experience and enables skill development from the very first day. It stands out as the first of its kind in the sector. The program received 7000 applications in its initial year, with 26 female students selected to participate. Through the program, these students gained valuable experience in the sector and were able to prepare themselves for the future with both technical and personal development training.

The new generation talent acquisition program ‘Let’s Shape the Future Together’ was designed to help young people who are new to the business world. The program begins with an orientation process that provides all the necessary information to the students; this is followed by a rotation process in which students learn about the different aspects of doing business by working in different departments. Through development, orientation, and rotation modules in various Akçansa locations, young people who join the company can quickly adapt to the corporate culture regardless of time and place.

Akçansa shapes its human resources processes with the vision of ‘Becoming the Employer of Choice’ by creating a unique work culture where employees feel valued and can learn continuously. In line with this vision, our company moves forward with employer branding, leadership development, talent acquisition and management, continuous development, and flexible human resources strategies. It also continues its training and development programs to train its future leaders.

At Akçansa, we believe in providing our employees with superb opportunities to grow and develop. We have made our processes easily accessible to our employees so they can access them anywhere, at any time. In addition to the training that we provide within the company, our employees can also take advantage of development opportunities offered by our shareholders, Sabancı Holding and Heidelberg Materials, as well as our business partners ÇEİS (Cement Industry Employers’ Association), Türk Çimento and TİSK (Turkish Confederation of Employers Association).

Focusing on ‘creating value,’ Akçansa provides its employees with multifaceted support and opportunities in every field, which it considers to be its basic formula. Our company differentiates itself with the innovative products it develops, the importance it attaches to digitalization, and the applications it offers. Our company advances confidently into the future, aiming to achieve interconnected employees and operational excellence. At Akçansa, we focus on developing our working environment, processes, and programs with a dynamic spirit. We aim to create value with the innovative opportunities we offer to our employees and position ourselves as a building block for a sustainable future.

In the annual Internal Communication Calendar, Akçansa employees find activities corresponding to their values. The Human Resources team visits all work areas throughout the year and holds one-to-one meetings with colleagues working there. In light of these meetings, a road map and action plan are determined and monitored throughout the year. In addition to the interviews, a ‘Working Life Evaluation Survey’ is conducted regularly.

Akçansa is committed to ensuring the growth and development of its employees by creating practices that bring them closer together. One such practice is the ‘Walk & Talk’ project, which is a registered trademark of our company. This project utilizes cutting-edge audio-visual technology to conduct interactive broadcasts for Akçansaport. The company’s ‘Learning from Each Other Initiative,’ which started with an online meeting format, was further developed and led to the implementation of the ‘A Day in the Life of My Colleague’ project. Following a survey that included Akçansa employee participation, the decision was made to create a program where employees could spend a working day with a colleague from a different department. This program aims to provide individuals working at Akçansa with a deeper understanding of each other’s working methods and areas of focus.