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AkçansaPort Services

General Cargo Freight Services

High-capacity cranes suitable for the derivative of the cargo are used for all kinds of general cargo such as slingbag, bigbag, palletised, crated/boxed or tied cargo from our jetty to general cargo ships.

Bulk Cargo Services

Up to 60.000 DWT, all kinds of open cargo ships, products coming to our port in bulk, all kinds of cargo that can be handled in high capacity and quality unloading and loading services are provided.

Project Freight Services

General cargo ships are provided with high quality and fast unloading and loading services at high standards with high-capacity cranes suitable for special project cargo loads at our pier.

Ro-Ro Services

There are 2 Ro-Ro ramps of our port. Ambarlı-Bandırma and Ambarlı-Mudanya are serving vessels providing regular intra-Marmara inland voyages. In addition, import-export Ro-Ro operations are carried out from our bonded pier, and unloading and loading operations of Italy -Trieste / Türkiye-Ambarlı line are carried out in our port with regular voyages.

Storage and Warehouse Services

All of our port area, which has a closed area of 2,012 m2 within the port, has the status of “Temporary Storage Place” and services are provided to container and general cargo customers in open field storage. In the same way, container storage service is also provided in all our sites located inside (bonded) and outside (non-bonded) the port area.

Container Services

Container discharge, loading, terminal, CFS and storage services are provided.

CFS Services

CFS services generally include container inland loading, inland unloading, inspection, sampling, full detection and weighing services requested by the Customs Directorate. All areas inside (bonded) and outside (non-bonded) the port area can be used for CFS service to meet the demand of our customers.

Bulk Liquid Freight Services

Our port serves non-hazardous class bulk liquid cargoes within the framework of the Operation Permit. Bulk Liquid Freight operations are carried out in free alongside ship and no storage facilities are offered.

Additional Services Provided to Vessels

Berth accommodation, fresh water service, mooring service are provided to vessels.


About AkçansaPort

In the services offered at Ambarlı port under the Akçansa Port brand, timely, fast and operationally perfect solutions are produced for the demands of customers.

Akçansa Port, which has the most reliable boutique port understanding for all cargoes, always prioritises customer satisfaction. Container, bulk cargo, general cargo, liquid cargo, liquid cargo, project cargo and RoRo services are offered within the understanding of modern port management with maritime transport and logistics transport network.


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Ambarlı Port Features


It is located in the Ambarlı harbour complex at LAT: 40 58N; LONG 28 41 E on the west side of Istanbul.


Total Docking Area: 950 m
Pier Width: 25 m
Maximum Draft: 12,80 m
Total Pier Length: 950 m
Bonded Port Area: 50,250 m2
Duty-Free Port Area: 39,500 m2
Bonded Area Closed Area: 2012 m2
Cement Storage Capacity: 40,000 Tons


Area (m2): 75,664
Bonded Area (m2): 43,960
Duty-Free Area (m2): 31,704
Closed Warehouse (m2): 2,011
Terminal Capacity (TEU): 45,000
Total Berthing Length (m): 915
Mobile Harbour Crane (Pcs): 2
Excavator (Pcs): 3
Filled Container Stacker (Pcs): 2
Terminal Tractor (Pcs): 5

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