Technical Support Services

Akçansa is a leader company sustaining its “quality-driven” production principle with “customer-centric” sales, and providing pre-sales and after-sales service.

Technical Support Department operates with the purpose of ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction in each aspect.

Primary objective of the Technical Support Department is to ensure that Akçansa customers and dealers carry out seamless production and business, to fulfill the technical support demands in the shortest time possible, and to provide guidance to its customers with different product options, as well as ideas adding value.

Technical Support Department organizes trainings with its expert personnel for the customers, dealers, university students, construction foremen, and any other requesting organization.

With the concrete lab services, Technical Support Department assists the customer ready-mixed concrete producers, precast producers, construction material producers, and construction companies for suitable, high quality, and economic production. Fresh concrete tests, hardened concrete tests, aggregate tests, additive performance tests, and recipe optimization works are being carried out at the concrete labs. The quality personnel of the companies can also receive hands-on training on any matter they need at this lab.

Technical Support Department learns about the demands and opinions of the customers and dealers through periodical visits, timely informs and assists the companies for seamless production, and most importantly always provides service to and stand by the customers.

Technical Support Department establishes close relationships with the universities, relevant associations and organizations, and follows up the topics that are useful and necessary for both the industry and the customers.

Technical Support Department operates at any place where Akçansa brand is available.

“Akçansa customers and dealers are exclusive and differentiated with our technical support service.”

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