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Job opportunity by Akçansa for the youth!


The recruitment program launched by Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey, for hiring recently graduated youth has concluded.

The young people selected to “Lets Shape the Future” recruitment program, where approximately 5 thousand people have applied to, have taken the first step of their career in Akçansa.

The recruitment program of Akçansa, valuing people and embracing the human resources management as a company rather than considering it as a function, has concluded.

The applicants were taken into a detailed interview process by reviewing their resumes, volunteered efforts, and their targets in business life. At the end of this process, the young talents meeting with the senior management of Akçansa and submitting their projects have been taken into final assessment and the recruitments for the program, where approximately 5 thousand people applied for, have completed.

Zenar: “We have hired the human resource which will make Akçansa the permanent leader of construction materials sector of Turkey.”

Stating that Akçansa invests in digital, General Manager Umut Zenar continued: We hired young colleagues who will bring innovation, make Akçansa the permanent leader of construction materials sector of Turkey, have a vision, and have very high level competencies. I joined the Akçansa Family in 2004 with the same program, and today I have become the general manager of the company. In this context, I believe this program is the future of Akçansa and I attach a significant importance to it...”

Yılmaz: “We have trust in the youth who will shape the sector’s future”

Berrin Yılmaz, the Assistant General Manager - Human Resources of Akçansa, highlighted that they have trust in the youth who will shape the sector’s future and said, “We quickly completed the recruitment program in two months. The applicants selected for the program will work for six months in all the departments of Akçansa from Human Resources to Businesses, from Sales to Finance within the scope of the rotation program which will allow them to find the area that they can express themselves best.”

Candidates experienced the orientation process in the “Akçansa Universe”, a first in the sector

Starting their career in Akçansa, the young people completed their orientation in the “Akçansa Universe” specially designed with VR technology. The young people wore the virtual reality glasses in the Akçansa Universe, visited the departments and found answers to all their questions.