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Superior success of Ladik Children’s Choir has been supported by Akçansa


Being supported by Akçansa, the leading construction materials company of Turkey, the Ladik Children’s Choir earned the right to participate in the “11th Good Practices in Education Conference” that is organized by Sabancı Education Reform initiative.

Being activated under the leadership of Ladik District Governorate and District National Education Directorate, Ladik Children’s Choir entered in top 75 among one thousand projects and showed success.

Ladik Children’s Choir, which is supported by Akçansa, sings in 12 different languages and dialects from Arabic to Zaza language, from Laz language to Macedonian under the “Different Melodies of Same Land” project. In addition to this, it aims to promote the cultural difference to the primary school students through the integrating impact of the music and to engrain in self-confidence through revealing their explorer sides.

Ladik Children’s Choir sang during the opening of the conference organized at Sabancı University Show Center at 09:00 on the 3rd of May, Saturday. The students coming from Ladik, Samsun spent 2 days in Istanbul and through having the chance to meet with the top management of Akçansa, they attended to the events organized at Sabancı University.