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Akçansa increased its export revenues by 131% during the first nine months


Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey, announced the financial results for the third quarter of 2019. Accordingly, the company reported a sales revenue of 1,4 billion TL, gross profit for the period of 193,7 million TL and net profit for the period of 53,2 million TL during the first nine months of the year.

Export revenues have increased by 131% with the effective management of Akçansa’s Çanakkale and Ambarlı Ports.

The company's total turnover for the first nine months of the year is 1,4 billion TL according to the consolidated income statement issued as of September 30, 2019, as well as the financial results for the period announced by Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey. The gross profit of the company for the period of January-September 2019 is announced as 193,7 million TL, while the net profit for the period is announced as 53,2 million TL.

Zenar: “We have become the biggest cement supplier of the USA.”

In his evaluation regarding the results, Akçansa General Manager Umut Zenar said, “With our logistics advantage and effective port management, we have increased our export by 131% compared to the prior year period. Continuing its operations with the target of expanding its port business line, Akçansa started to provide service to third parties from the Yalova Terminal following the Ambarlı Port. The concrete casting of the project in the middle of the sea is completed with our 1803 concrete product, specially developed for the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge as a result of long R&D efforts.” Zenar highlighted that they are integrating digitalization to the business processes of Akçansa and said, “We are working on projects that will set an example to the world. We are equipping all our plants with the most advanced digital solutions. Our aim is to create a positive effect on our company’s profitability by commercializing these digital products and solutions, which we will apply to our plants.”

New awards to Akçansa...

Kemerburgaz Facility of Betonsa, the brand of Akçansa operating in the ready-mixed concrete sector, achieved a great success. Betonsa Kemerburgaz Facility is awarded with “GOLD - Sustainable Responsible Sourcing Certificate” in line with the rules determined by the Concrete Sustainability Council.

“Let’s Shape the Future” recruitment program launched by Akçansa to recruit new graduates is rewarded by the Management Center Turkey. website, prepared by Akçansa to draw attention to the durability of buildings, has received an award in Materials & Construction category of the International Stevie Awards, recognized as one of the most prestigious contests in the world.