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Akçansa Büyükçekmece Plant Upgrades “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” to Gold Level


Akçansa Büyükçekmece Plant upgraded the “Responsible SourcingCertificate” issued by the International Concrete Sustainability Councilfrom silver level to gold level.

The Çanakkale Plant of the company also has the “Gold” level certificate.Thus, Akçansa became the first cement company to receive the GoldLevel “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” for two plants.

Carrying out efforts for the efficient use of resources and thus aiming to raiseawareness in this framework, Akçansa's activities continue to be appreciated in theinternational arena.

Akçansa Büyükçekmece Plant, which was awarded the certificate for the first time inTurkey in the cement sector in 2018, upgraded its certificate to gold level as a resultof the independent audit conducted by the Turkish Ready Mixed ConcreteAssociation Quality Assurance System Economic Enterprise (KGS) in line with thestandards set by the International Concrete Sustainability Council.

In addition to the Büyükçekmece Plant, the Akçansa Çanakkale Plant is the firstcement plant in Turkey to have a “Gold” level certificate. Thus, Akçansa became thefirst cement company in Turkey to receive the Gold Level “Responsible SourcingCertificate” for two plants.

Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility Also Received Gold Level Certificate

Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility operating under the Betonsa brand of Akçansaupgraded its “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” to gold level. The facility is also thefirst facility in Turkey to be certified by the Concrete Sustainability Council.

“We endeavor with the goal of being the building stone of a sustainable future”

Regarding the matter, Akçansa General Manager M. Zeki Kanadıkırık said,“Responsible sourcing is a very important issue for our industry. As in ourSustainability Goals 2030, we endeavor to use alternative sources more. In line withour circular economy approach that we have adopted, we use an average of 500thousand tons of waste annually in our plants as an alternative source and bringthem back to our economy. In the last five years, we have achieved energy recoveryby using 1 million tons of Istanbul's waste as an alternative fuel. We aim to supportthe transformation of the industry by extending our exemplary sustainability approachand practices to our ecosystem. Getting the results of these efforts strengthens ourclaim to be 'the building stone of a sustainable future'.”