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Akçansa achieved the highest export figure in the history of Turkish cement industry with 3.7 million tons of export


Akçansa, a joint venture of Sabancı Holding and Heidelberg Cement and Turkey's leading construction materials company, has announced the financial results for 2019.

Realizing the highest export in the history of Turkish cement industry, Akçansa increased its total turnover by approximately 6% to TRY 1 billion 826 million by focusing on export despite 30%* shrinkage in the domestic cement sales. Company's net profit in this period is TRY 75 million.

The company's sales revenue has realized as TRY 1 billion 826 million according to the consolidated income statement issued as of December 31, 2019, as well as the financial results of the period as announced by Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey.

In his evaluation related to the financial results of 2019, Akçansa General Manager Umut Zenar said, “Export is our important strength. Developed rapidly during the recent years, our port operations have an important contribution in this successful performance. With our logistics power and agile port management, we managed to double our export revenue. We achieved a 27% increase in our cash flow from operating activities, and managed to realize a cash flow of TRY 351 million in 2019 with the effective working capital management we have implemented. We increased our port capacity utilization rate by approximately 50% to rapidly respond to increasing demands. We exported 1 million tons of clinker produced by our Istanbul factory, for the first time in its history, from Ambarlı Akçansa Port. With our special product expanded to the world from Çanakkale, we aim to double our share in the US market in 2020 and reach 2 million tons.”

Akçansa aims to save TRY 10 million annually with artificial intelligence

Stating that Akçansa has contributed to the mega projects of Turkey as a solution partner and 1915 Çanakkale Bridge is one of the major items in this year’s agenda, Zenar said, "We started to use the smart concrete technology in 1803 Beton, the concrete specially produced for the 1915 Bridge. With the help of the sensors placed inside concrete with the Smart Concrete Technology, both the temperature and strength of concrete can be seen instantly from the app on the phone. This application will put an end to sampling with traditional methods, and will also prevent the time loss of the customer and provide a cost advantage.”

Emphasizing that Akçansa's projects on energy and production efficiency are on the agenda, Zenar said, “The pilot application of the project, which will fully optimize the kiln line of the plant with artificial intelligence, was put into operation in Büyükçekmece Plant. The annual saving potential targeted in a cement kiln with the project will be around TRY 10 million.”

* Includes data from the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association as of the end of November.