Supplier Codes of Business Conduct

  1. Suppliers undertake that they shall not employ any child worker in any stage of production. Suppliers agree that they shall abide by the recommendations set out related to minimum age limit for labor in the conventions recognized by the International Labor Organization, and in the relevant country’s Labor Law.
  2. Allowances and benefits, minimum wages, overtime hours, and other legal benefits should comply with the basic principles.
  3. Forced labor or no type of forced labor should be applied. Workers are free to quit their jobs.
  4. Suppliers are obliged to consider the workers’ rights, freedom of organization, and collective bargaining rights of the workers within the extent allowed by the law.
  5. Safe and healthy working conditions meeting or exceeding the applicable occupational health and safety standards should be provided to the workers.
  1. While carrying out its activities, the supplier shall provide the required care and attention to the environment, and shall according to all the applicable laws related to the matter.
  2. All products to be provided and services to be rendered shall meet the environmental, quality, and security criteria set out in the relevant provisions of the agreement, and shall be safe for intended purposes.
  1. Business shall be carried out within the scope of integrity principle. No payment, service, gift, entertainment, or other interests shall be offered to be provided and/or be provided to any Akçansa employee and/or third party with the purpose of influencing the Akçansa Cement employees or third parties while performing their work.
  2. One should act in line with the human rights. Workers shall never be exposed to behaviors containing any kind of harassment or discrimination. Gender, ethnic origin, color, religion and sect, sexual orientation, disability, or age are within the scope of the prohibition on harassment and discrimination.

Suppliers shall be responsible for asking their own suppliers to abide by the principles of these Supplier Codes of Business Conduct, and shall pay the required attention and care while identifying and confirming whether these principles are complied with in their supply chains.