Özdilek AVM

İstanbul’un en önemli caddelerinden Büyükdere Caddesi üzerinde yapılan ve çözüm ortağı olarak Betonsa`yı tercih eden ÖzdilekPark, ziyaretçilerine 140 seçkin mağaza, Özdilek Hipermarket, elektronik market, 3.200 metrekarelik ortak teras alanı, çocuk eğlence alanları, sinemalar ve 1500 kişi oturma kapasiteli yeme içme alanı sunmaktadır.

  • 200.000 m3
  • Viskobeton C50/60
  • Özdilek Holding
  • 2012-2014
  • Levent
  • Ayazağa, Kemerburgaz


  • Metallurgy Production Line Expansion

    Betonsa was preferred for the Gebze Plant project of Çolakoğlu Metalurji, one of the leading companies in the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry.

  • Ceyport Port

    Ceyport Tekirdağ Port serves with a terminal area of 150,000 m² and a quay length of 2,310 m.

  • Metrobus Roads

    Betonsa was the concrete supplier for IMM's Metrobus road renewal project. The construction technique, unlike the SSB, allows the use of a direct paver.

  • Airport Aprons and Taxiways

    Betonsa provided special quality concrete for the Merzifon Airport Apron and Taxiways, which were determined according to international specifications.

  • Izmir Çiğli Tram Construction Work

    Çiğli Tram Project, which is included in the Izmir Main Transport Master Plan, will be an important artery in Izmir's public transport network with a total of 14 stops and a line length of 10 km and İZBAN integration.

  • Governorship of Istanbul Project Coordination Unit School Reinforcement

    Betonsa quality was preferred for concrete requirements in the renovation and reinforcement projects of schools in different regions throughout Istanbul. Betonsa Speciality Products were used for different applications determined in accordance with the changing needs and specifications within the scope of the project.

  • Tuzla Advanced Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant

    Tuzla Advanced Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant will serve 3,250,000 people with a capacity of 650,000 m³/day.

  • Tekirdağ City Hospital

    Tekirdağ City Hospital, which is one of the full-fledged hospitals constructed by the Turkish Ministry of Health with the Public-Private Partnership Model in many cities of Türkiye, is the largest health complex in the Thracian Region with a bed capacity of 605, 119 intensive care units, 128 outpatient clinics and 18 operating theatres.

  • 1915 Çanakkale Bridge

    As part of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Project, which connects the two sides of the Dardanelles, Betonsa has been involved as a concrete supplier with two project facilities in Gelibolu and Lapseki.

  • Kavak – Samsun Railway

    It was carried out within the scope of the renewal of the Samsun - Sivas Railway line, which was built and started to be used since the first years of the Republic.