Akçansa supports its responsible approach in line with climate targets with its sustainable product movement initiative.

Within the scope of the new initiative announced with the concept of ‘Green Formulation’, the company has gathered sustainable cement products that combine respect for climate and environment with power under the title of ‘Green for Cement‘ and low carbon sustainable ready-mixed concrete products under the title of ‘Green for Concrete’.      

Within the scope of combating climate change, Akçansa has launched an important initiative to develop new low-clinker and low-carbon products using alternative raw materials.

Within the scope of the new sustainable product movement, the company categorised its sustainable cement products under the title ‘Green for Cement’ and its sustainable ready-mixed concrete products under the title ‘Green for Concrete’. Accordingly, ‘Actioncem’ with low carbon, ‘Solidcem’ resistant to environmental impacts and ‘Duocem’ with high strength and durability are included in the Green for Cement product category as sustainable cement products. 

‘Performix’, ‘Solidmix’, ‘Hidromix’, ‘A+Concrete’, ‘100+Concrete’ and ‘Yolbeton’, ready-mixed concrete speciality products developed by Akçansa in line with the needs of its customers and creating added value with their sustainable and long-lasting features, are included in the speciality product category under the title ‘Green for Concrete’.

Ecocrete, a new generation ready-mixed concrete product by which the lowest possible carbon footprint is targeted by use of sustainable technologies, is in the standard product category under the title of ‘Green for Concrete’.

 ‘We are progressing towards our sustainability goals with our environmentally friendly products’

Stating that they continue to work with the principle of ‘Responsible work for the future’ in all regions they are in, Akçansa General Manager Vecih Yılmaz said that they have taken another important step for a sustainable future with the initiative they have undertaken. Yılmaz continued; “As Akçansa, we continue our future journey with our ‘human’, ‘innovation’ and ‘environment’ orientated activities. We aim to continuously improve the steps we take in combating the global climate crisis and our environmentally friendly exemplary practices. With our Sustainable Product Movement initiative, we support our sustainability goals with products that respect nature without compromising the basic performance parameters of production and quality. Our work in this direction will increasingly continue”.

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