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Waterproof concrete from Betonsa: Hidromix


Akçansa launched its innovative waterproof product 'Hidromix' to the market under the Betonsa brand

Akçansa, Turkey's leading building materials company, continues its long-term R&D effortswithout slowing down with its Betonsa brand to develop special products and services thatprojects need.

Brand new product to provide structural insulation

The company most recently launched Hidromix, a special product developed to providestructural insulation in projects requiring waterproofing. Hidromix will provide greatadvantages to the construction sector and is specially designed for project needs.

Hidromix can be used in water tanks, pools, terraces and roofs, all the elements of thebuildings that contact with the soil, and construction elements that are exposed to thewetting-drying cycle. The product is produced in Betonsa facilities through sensitiveproduction and quality processes.

Thanks to its superior durability, Hidromix is resistant to all physical and chemicalenvironmental effects that the structure will be exposed to during its service life. With thisinnovative product, Betonsa saves time while reducing the workforce in projects.

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