Concrete Ideas Project Competition

With the Concrete Ideas Project competition, we aim to create awareness and awareness among young people for a better future.


We support and realize the creative and innovative ideas of young people, which are the basis of our future. We collect projects to increase the awareness of young people in ready-mixed concrete, to realize their ideas that are applicable, creative, marketing-oriented and involving many disciplines. We care very much about young people, who will play an important role in the development of our country, and we support their ideas and creativity.

We met with approximately 10 thousand young people from 180 different universities in 10 years with the Concrete Ideas Project Competition. We have seen very impressive projects. The “Energetic Concrete” project, winner of 5th Concrete Ideas Project Competition, is the best example to this… Developed for efficiently using our resources, Energetic Concrete generates electricity in every step taken. 100 percent energy saving is provided by converting the pressure into electric energy. Integrating concrete to the energy generation process, the project focuses on revealing the electric energy when piezoelectric material combines with pressure. Thus, the steps taken throughout the day can be used for lighting by converting them into electric energy.


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