Akçansa Volunteers World

Children Transforming Future

Akçansa volunteers carry out works for teaching the little ones understanding their place in the society and taking personal responsibility for a sustainable future.


“Children Transforming Future” project, organized for 4th grade students in primary school in cooperation with ÇEVKO Foundation and Büyükçekmece Municipality, aims protecting the future of the children. We are providing information to our children, who are our future, for using the resources consciously for contributing to a sustainable world such as separating the wastes at their source and obtaining energy from wastes.

We have reached out to approximately 3.000 students in 15 schools during the year 2015. As Akçansa, we are very proud that there was a high interest to the trainings. Everyone at any age adopting and implementing our sustainability philosophy is a proof that we are doing the right thing. Another property of this project is that these trainings are provided personally by 24 volunteered Akçansa employees. After the Akçansa volunteers receive training of the instructor on waste and recycling by ÇEVKO, the volunteers explain the waste and recycling to the students with the presentation, kit and movie prepared for this purpose.

“Children Transforming Future” project also creates a significant added value for the Akçansa volunteers. In addition to raising responsibility awareness, the Akçansa volunteers obtain more effective results in CSR by participating to the project. Increasing their awareness on several matters and becoming people who have a say in the organizations and society, they communicate their personal values and beliefs to different groups through snowball effect.

Vocational High School Coaches Program

As Akçansa, we have joined the Vocational High School Coaches Program to expand the vision of vocational high school students, and to ensure that they become successful in the future.

Within the scope of the program, our volunteers from Samsun will contribute to the personal and professional development of Samsun Atakum Vocational High School students and coach them for 2 years in order to prepare them to the business world.  Our volunteers from Samsun completed their education and are entitled for coaching in order to improve the courage and skills of the vocational high school students and assist them in planning their future. Started in Samsun as a pilot region in 2015, in the coming years we are aiming to bring the Vocational High School Coaches Program to the other locations we are operating in.