Akçansa In My Neighborhood Project

At Akçansa, we continue launching projects that make a difference for the people to live as happy individuals in the society.


We have launched our social responsibility project “My Neighborhood” in December 2015 for the children, who are the future of our country, and for their parents.  With the project we launched in cooperation with TOÇEV, we offer trainings for both parents and children in Büyükçekmece inside the specially designed AKÇASAN EDUCATION TRUCK in closed groups. The trainings programs are prepared by specialist psychologists of TOÇEV as 3 sessions per day and they include trainings for the children at the age group of 6-12, and parents. In addition to TOÇEV trainings for three days a week, the children also receive trainings on first aid and healthy life. The parents will make the children more conscious and well-informed about the future by learning about the details related to raising a child. With the project, we are aiming to offer training to the adolescents in separate groups, teach them how to better communicate at school, at home, and with their friends. We are also aiming to assist the parents through training programs where they will find answers to their general questions on the matters they have difficulty in raising their children, as well as on the matters which they need an expert opinion. “My Neighborhood” project will take place around Büyükçekmece as the pilot region with the support of District National Education Directorate, and it is aimed to continue with the project in Çanakkale and Ladik after Büyükçekmece.


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