Akçansa In My Neighborhood Project

As Akçansa, we continue to undertake projects that make a difference to ensure that people live as happy individuals in the society.


We have lauched our social responsibility project “My Neighborhood” for children and their parents, for the future of our country. With the project we started with TOÇEV, we provide training for both parents, young people and children in Büyükçekmece, Çanakkale and Samsun, within the specially designed AKÇANSA MOBILE EDUCATION CENTER. Training programs prepared by TOÇEV's expert psychologists include children between the ages of 6-12, high school students in the 10th and 11th grade, and parents' education. In addition to TOÇEV trainings, trainings on first aid and healthy living are given to children. Mothers and fathers learn the finer points of raising children, enabling children to look to the future more consciously and well-informed. With the project; To teach adolescents in separate groups how to communicate more at school, at home and with their friends, to help parents with educational programs that will answer their general questions on issues that they have difficulties in raising their children and need expert opinion, 10 and 11 grade high school students about themselves We aim for them to find the opportunity to discover their talents through imagery that aims to increase their attention and concentration skills within the scope of group works in which they will gain insight and get to know their professional fields, and the board game aimed at improving their self-perception.

With the Akçansa Mobile Training Center, expert psychologists have become accessible to the people of the region. Not only in Büyükçekmece, but also in Çanakkale, where Akçansa operates, we determined the need for a center that will direct high school students to choose their profession, and with the participation of Akçansa residents in the project on a voluntary basis, trainings were given for the choice of profession.

A different path was followed in Samsun Ladik, where Akçansa operates. We were aimed to support students studying in boarding schools, whose numbers are decreasing in Ladik district of Samsun with limited educational opportunities. The students are trying to continue their education separately from their parents, away from home and family environment, during the developmental period they need their parents the most. Students need psychological support since living away from their families has a negative impact on their education life. They meet this need and were supported to receive education in better psychological conditions with our expert psychologists. With the project being conducted in cooperation with the government, non-governmental organization and private sector, Akçansa offers a 'neighbourhood' solution to a very important problem of Turkey and sheds light on the future of Turkey.

During the pandemic period, we continued to run our projects under the name of "My Home". Two months from different regions of Turkey, inadequate financial situation of 72 children have taken training for 180 hours of online English lessons from foreign teacher.