Social Responsibility

At Akçansa, we carry out all of our activities by paying regard to the environment and society, and manage all these activities in line with a corporate strategy under “Sustainability”.

We are endeavoring for contributing to a safer and prosperous future by improving the life quality of the society we are living in.

“Concrete Ideas Project Competition” (Betonik Fikirler Proje Yarışması), Children Transforming Future (Yarınları Dönüştüren Çocuklar), “Biodiversity Project Competition” (Biyoçeşitlilik Proje Yarışması), and “Vocational High School Coaches Program” (Meslek Lisesi Koçları Programı) we have launched for children and youth, the future of our country, as well as “Akçansa in My Neighborhood” (Akçansa Benim Mahallem’de) recently launched for children and families, and “Ladik Glass Workshop Project” for women are among the most recent social responsibility projects we have performed.

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