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Akçansa’s Büyükçekmece Plant and Betonsa’s Gebze Facility are entitled to receive “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” from the International Concrete Sustainability Council


Akçansa is the first company in Turkey to comply with the international norms in responsible sourcing...

Akçansa’s Büyükçekmece Plant, creating a significant added value for the economy of Turkey and the region since 1967, had a great achievement by passing the independent audit conducted by the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Quality Assurance System (QAS) in line with the rules set by the Concrete Sustainability Council. Plant has become the first cement production facility in Turkey to receive the CSC “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” which is given to the cement, concrete and aggregate producers and recognized in the entire world.

Moreover, Akçansa’s Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility operating under the Betonsa brand has also received the “Responsible Sourcing Certificate” in the concrete industry. With the certificate received after the audit conducted related to four categories including management, environment, social and economic, Betonsa Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility has become the first facility in Turkey certified by the Concrete Sustainability Council supported by several national and international companies, associations and institutes as the founder members.

The certificate ensures an additional score from the green building certification systems such as BREEAM and DGNB, and offers an advantage for the projects in green building certification process.

Zenar: “We are proud for being a first in our industry”

Responsible Sourcing Certificates entitled to Akçansa and Betonsa were presented to Akçansa General Manager Umut Zenar with a ceremony held. In his speech during the ceremony, Zenar said, “We have proven our compliance with the international norms on responsible sourcing with our Büyükçekmece Plant and Gebze Ready-Mixed Concrete Facility, and we have crowned our achievement with the certificates we received. As a first in Turkey, the certificates are a pride for both our industry and our country.”

Işık: “As the Turkish ready-mixed concrete industry, we have broken a new ground in the world on sustainability”

During his speech, Yavuz Işık, the Chairman of the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the Regional System Operator in Turkey of the Concrete Sustainability Council, as well as the Chairman of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization, said, “We focused on sustainability in Turkey simultaneously with the world. Accordingly, we have presented the “Responsible Sourcing System” to the Turkish ready-mixed concrete and cement industries. This system considers the environmental balance and economic growth together, and aims meeting the needs of future generations by ensuring effective use of the natural resources. As the Turkish ready-mixed concrete industry, we have broken a new ground in the world on sustainability. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Akçansa, a member of our Association, entitled to receive the first Responsible Sourcing Certificates in Turkey before the company’s General Manager Umut Zenar.”