Sustainable Supply Chain

Working principles which all active product and service suppliers should observe in their activities have been determined for controlling the sustainability impacts throughout the supply chain.

These principles ensure that social, environmental and economical impacts in the supply section of product life cycle are managed with an understanding identical to Akçansa. All suppliers are responsible for full compliance with these norms set out in the Akçansa Supplier Business Ethics Principles, and it is also an integral part of the subcontractor agreements. In this way, matters such as preventing child employment, preventing forced and compulsory label practices, respecting to the union rights of the employees, complying with occupational health and safety principles, acting according to the norms, ILO Conventions, and legal regulations related to the activities, and preventing discrimination, bribery, and corruption are secured in Akçansa’s supply operations.

Attention is paid on whether the suppliers offer products and services suitable to environmental and labor criteria during the procurement processes; and also provisions regulating the environmental, labor, and human rights standards are added to the procurement agreements.

Future Leaders

Future Leaders program is an application developed within the scope of Akçansa’s sustainable supply chain management efforts. This program aims young people, particularly the university students, representing the next generation of Akçansa customers. Through the educations and awareness raising activities organized, it’s ensured that the young people learn about various priorities of the industry, become an expert in business processes, and closely know about Akçansa.

Target for 2020

Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Target Description Key Performance Indicator Target
Ready-Mixed Concrete, Cement, and Aggregate Alternative fuel supply Practices for increasing the alternative fuel supply 29%
Tedarik zincirindeki paydaşları sürdürülebilir iş modelleri hakkında bilinçlendirmek Projects with the partners in the supply chain Introducing sustainability KPIs in the supply chain