Sustainable Construction

Turkey’s First Environmental Performance Labeled Cement by Akçansa

With the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Akçansa has made a volunteered initiative for the inspection and assessment of its production processes by an independent organization. As a result of the assessments carried out by IBU, the German Construction and Environment Institute, CEM I 42.5 R and CEM II/A-S 42.5 R products received environmental label (EPD).

With the Environmental Product Declaration, Akçansa shares the environmental performance of its CEM I 42.5 R and CEM II/A-S 42.5 R products with the public by independently assessing it according to ISO 14040 series criteria. This declaration also covers the ecological and carbon footprint of the production process within the scope of “life cycle assessment” (LCA). Products’ environmental performance details are being disclosed to the customers and end users with the EPD certificate. Thus, all customers in the last link of the supply chain are provided with an opportunity to calculate the environmental impacts of their activities, including the environmentally certified projects, more accurately.

Innovative Special Product Portfolio

In parallel with its operations to create a more livable world, Akçansa has provided high quality special ready-mixed concrete products for the Turkish market since 2003. In line with Akçansa customer demands, the special product portfolio essentially seeks to provide high performance solutions with reduced environmental impact especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, apart from helping the customers save on labor costs and time; offering them  thermal and noise insulation as well as waterproofing  and reducing risks to occupational health and safety. Thanks to the studies undertaken in collaboration with Betonsa Technology Center and Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Building Materials Laboratories during the reporting period, new products were developed including “100+Beton” and “A+Beton”.

İzoşap, a light ready screed product from Betonsa, provides thermal insulation and is light, fluid and low in density thanks to high-entrained air. The product properties ensure reduction of the unnecessary burden on the structures, which contributes to earthquake resistance as far as those buildings are concerned. Yeşilşap, an environmentally friendly and light ready screed product, reduces CO2   emission by up to 35% through special additive blend cements used in its production process. Due to the special chemical additives used, Yeşilşap weighs 25% less compared with conventional screed products and also contributes to thermal insulation on buildings.

İzobeton, a light concrete product used for insulation, weighs up to 60% less compared to other concrete products, and reduces the total burden of the building hence contributing to its earthquake resistance.

100+Beton features superior durability and permeability characteristics thanks to the special cement and various mineral additives used, and is developed for large infrastructure projects required to serve for over a century such as bridges, airports, subways and highways. High use of mineral additives instead of clinker in the product composition ensures a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emission values.

A+Beton is a durable and high performing concrete product with a significantly reduced CO2 emission value due to the use of blast furnace slug for up to 70% in its composition, and is developed for environmentally friendly green buildings. Depending on the building type, the A+Beton product group is composed of three categories including A+Beton Basic, A+Beton Road and Coating, A+Beton Structure.

Viskobeton is a self-landing concrete product developed for structures requiring strength and durability. Due to mineral additives used highly to replace clinker in its composition, the product’s CO2 emission value has been reduced.  Its high strength and durability enhance the durability of the structures thereby reducing their maintenance costs.  Since it does not require any vibration, the product is especially suitable for being used on compact and narrow section forms, areas requiring high quality smooth surfaces,  downtown building sites, aesthetic form designs and  sites where it is not possible to use a vibrator.  The product thus reduces safety and occupational health risks, noise impact and labor costs.

Drabeton features steel wires and is intended for use on industrial sites. During the storage, handling and inspection stages, Drabeton therefore saves on energy and labor costs at building sites.

Target for 2020

Sustainable Construction Solutions
Target Description Key Performance Indicator Target 2020
Ready-Mixed Concrete Being a solution partner in green building projects Rate of projects taken part in the Marmara market (%) 30%
Ready-Mixed Concrete and Cement Reducing the environmental footprints of the buildings Obtaining Environmental Product Label for Cement and Concrete Developing products and services for sustainable construction solutions
Aggregate Recycled aggregate production Rate of recycled aggregate production in total aggregate production (%) 20%