Sustainability Management

In addition to its activities towards the industry within the scope of its principle to add value to the society it operates in, Akçansa has also undertaken it as a duty to further improve the society.

Therefore, sustainability approach is on the center of all business processes from raw material production to sales and marketing and after-sales relationships with the end users, and covers the efforts on social development.

Akçansa Sustainability Committee carries on its efforts within the scope of six thematic working groups.Committee is chaired by the Akçansa Executive Board representative, and is consisted of the members of thematic working groups that are established in line with the strategic targets, as well as a communication director and coordinator.

Sustainability Committee Organization Chart

Akçansa Sürdürülebilirlik OrganizasyonuAkçansa Sürdürülebilirlik OrganizasyonuAkçansa Sürdürülebilirlik Organizasyonu


Sustainability Committee Activities