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Meaningful Support from Akçansa for Sabancı Republican Mobilization in Çanakkale


Akçansa, Turkey's leading building materials company, has implemented meaningfulprojects with the participation of its employees and families within the scope of theSabancı Group's “Sabancı Republican Mobilization” to leave a better future for nature,living things and new generations on the 98th anniversary of our Republic.

In the event that took place in Bozalan with the participation of over 100 Akçansavolunteers, 2500 saplings were planted. Together with the students, the volunteersrepaired the school, painted the walls and made the children smile by making thegarden green at Çanakkale Mahmudiye Primary and Secondary School.

Within the scope of the Republican Mobilization, which Sabancı Group launched with variousorganizations in 10 different cities this year, Akçansa employees and their familiescontributed to the mobilization with two separate events held in Çanakkale.

2500 stone pine trees were planted in the planting event organized with the participation ofover 100 volunteers in Bozalan on Tuesday, November 2. On Wednesday, November 3,Akçansa employees and their families came together with students at Mahmudiye Primaryand Secondary School, painted in many different areas of the school and made the gardengreen.

“We are volunteers for the future of our Republic”

Regarding the matter, Akçansa General Manager M. Zeki Kanadıkırık said; “We have astrong bond with Çanakkale and our people here. With the awareness that we, as Akçansa,bear responsibility for future generations, we carry out activities focused on sustainable life.In this context, we organized a planting activity for our future with the participation of ourvolunteers. We care about doing works that will give a breath to the future of our country andsupporting our children, who are the bright future of our country. As an example of thisunderstanding, we opened our Akçansa Fine Arts High School in 2019. We continue to takeresponsibility for our youth, for education at every point of need. We are also happy to put asmile on the faces of Mahmudiye Primary and Secondary School students within the scopeof the Republican Mobilization launched by our group”.