Our Targets and Priorities

As Akçansa Human Resources, our mission is to establish a company climate where a Visionary Leadership understanding is available, which focuses on corporate and individual Development, differentiates itself from the competitors with its Effective Management Systems and Executives, and offers a Significant Job and Happy Workplace Environment for all employees.


Our targets structured with our vision, and the underlying mission and values are the guide for sustainable leadership towards Akçansa’s future.



People come first! We respect, value, listen to without any bias, and embrace differences with positive communication.


Our motto is always: We Work Safely, Life Healthily.


Ethics is our compass that we would not give up under no circumstances.


We are all one in our work. We cooperate for common targets, support each other, and share our success.


Our customer centric point of view is an indispensable part of our culture.

While managing the business and teams with the mission of “inspiring leadership”, it is the utmost priority of our executives to focus on the development of Akçansa Family, building up trust, and ensuring a positive work environment with a transparent and continuous communication. Continuous development of our executives is targeted in this Leadership journey in line with this purpose.

In line with its vision of “growth beyond borders”, Akçansa has taken it as a principle to offer training and development opportunities to all employees.

Akçansa provides the opportunities required for ensuring the development of the employees with the motto “My Development, My Responsibility”.

Learning and development needs of the employees are monitored through individual development plans.

In addition to the trainings organized in Akçansa, our employees are also able to benefit from the resources offered by our partners.

In line with their needs for development, Akçansa also financially supports its employees by encouraging them in Master’s Degree and Foreign Languages.

Akçansa’s organizational structure is regularly reviewed, and Talent Management (Talent Mobility – Different Career Improvement Methods) constitute the fundamental input for these efforts.

Importance is being attached to both behavioral and technical development related to the talent management, and various programs are being organized with the perspective of continuously achieving better.

Career processes of not only the White Collar, but also the Blue Collar employees are monitored by taking the needs of our company and the qualifications of our employees into account, and organization development is being supported.

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We strengthen the potential and development of each individual through the versatile and individual Compass Development Assessment Study.

We internalize performance as a culture.  Providing significant inputs, the performance management system covers a process bringing together the individual competencies where company targets are integrated by being reduced to individual and team targets.

Performance management process starts each year by setting the individual and corporate targets with the participation of employees and executives, and continues throughout the end of the year with target follow up efforts.

Employees are continuously supported with development programs for the effective use of feedback and coaching approach, another important component of effective management.

Our cloud application “MozaİK”, which we use for increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and integration with other HR applications of performance, development and learning processes, offers a platform where our employees can access independently of the office.


We strive to gain strength by establishing strong ties with potential candidates who love their work as much as we do, and who wish to be a part of Akçansa.

Employees become acquainted with Akçansa’s equal-rights work environment at the time of the recruitment process.

In order to determine whether they possess the qualifications required by the position in line with our “Right Job, Right Selection” principle, candidates are recruited following an assessment process (competency-based interviews, personality and foreign language tests) based on multiple observations and objective criteria.

Recruitment processes are managed by using various platforms (University Career Days and Career Centers, Social Media, Career Websites, Digital Interview Platform) through a systematic and objective approach.

In order to help new recruits adapt to the company processes and corporate culture, they are supported with Employee Coach (Buddy) practice in addition to the individual and general orientation programs.

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Work = Life Balance

At Akçansa, we offer our employees sports, cultural, and social activities they can enjoy with their families.

Underwater, Photography, Cycling, and Trip Clubs operating under Akçansa Clubs World organize events during Spring and Fall. At the “Family Workshops”, our employees enjoy workshop activities together with their children.

Launched with the aim of social solidarity, “A Sparkle Club” carries out activities primarily for meeting the educational material needs of primary schools.

Equality & Diversity

It is among our top priorities to strengthen the corporate culture with practices supporting gender equality at work, knowing the value of diversity, and increasing the communication and synergy.

We support elimination of gender based discrimination at work with the “Declaration of Equality at Work” we signed. “Mom, Give Me Milk” and “Ladik Glass Workshop” are some of the projects we launched within this scope.

Commendation and Recognition

Akçansa employees receive a basic salary within the scope of the remuneration policy, in line with levels of responsibility and scope of duty. Our remuneration policy has been established in a fair and competitive manner to reward high performance, and in line with the general salary levels in the country. With BFlex, our employees are offered a flexible benefits system providing maximum benefit in line with their needs.

We have various commendation and recognition practices in order to reward the high-performing employees and teams.

Employee Participation

Our employees have the opportunity to meet with senior management for sharing mutual information, ideas, and suggestions. Tools such as Worklife Assessment Questionnaire and Suggestion System are being used for continuous development in line with these ideas and suggestions.

“Employee Ambassadors Council” voluntarily attended by our employees endeavors for keeping the mutual communication continuous.

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