Our Targets and Priorities

Akçansa acts with the HR vision of “being the most preferred employer by creating a unique work culturewhere the employees feel themselves valuable and learn continuously”.The philosophy “Each executive is an HR executive” is used in all HR processes and systems carried out in line with people oriented, leadership development, talent management, continuous development and flexible human resources strategies.

Strategic priorities :
• Making a difference in employee experience
• Strengthening the leadership development
• Experiencing and learning continuously
• Creating a flexible work culture open to innovationand based on data
• Making it possible for the company to recruit andretain talented people.


We; put our people in focus give value to diversity and different opinions, ensures participation in our decisions, improve ourselves by continuous learning,lead with a passion for success and courage.

As the only human-focused quality standard in the world focusing on all processes and practices forthe development and management of human resources, the IIP process was completed after the field inspections of national and international evaluators and the interviews with all employee groups.

Akçansa is the first company in Turkey to achieve a Gold accreditation in IIP 6th Generation.

The IIP process was completed successfully as a result of the comparisons with 685 industrial companies in 75 countries following the process and field inspections by national and international evaluators and the interviews with all employee groups, and Akçansa received the Gold Standard.

This result obtained as a company continuously investing in its employees showed that the real success can be achieved with believing and trusting teams.

In line with its vision of “growth beyond borders”, Akçansa has taken it as a principle to offer training and development opportunities to all employees.

Akçansa provides the opportunities required for ensuring the development of the employees with the motto “My Development, My Responsibility”.

Learning and development needs of the employees are monitored through individual development plans.

In addition to the trainings organized in Akçansa, our employees are also able to benefit from the resources offered by our partners.

In line with their needs for development, Akçansa also financially supports its employees by encouraging them in Master’s Degree and Foreign Languages.

Akçansa’s organizational structure is regularly reviewed, and Talent Management (Talent Mobility – Different Career Improvement Methods) constitute the fundamental input for these efforts.

Importance is being attached to both behavioral and technical development related to the talent management, and various programs are being organized with the perspective of continuously achieving better.

Career processes of not only the White Collar, but also the Blue Collar employees are monitored by taking the needs of our company and the qualifications of our employees into account, and organization development is being supported.


We internalize performance as a culture.  Providing significant inputs, the performance management system covers a process bringing together the individual competencies where company targets are integrated by being reduced to individual and team targets.

Performance management process starts each year by setting the individual and corporate targets with the participation of employees and executives, and continues throughout the end of the year with target follow up efforts.

Employees are continuously supported with development programs for the effective use of feedback and coaching approach, another important component of effective management.


Akçansamakes no inquiries whatsoever concerning such issues as religion, language, race, creed, gender, physical condition, or life choices and engages in no practice whatsoever that might be perceived as discrimination.

Providing employees with a positive workplace environment and conditions as they deserve, supporting gender equality in working life, increasing communication and synergies among employees and thereby strengthening its corporate culture by acknowledging the value of diversity are among the top priorities of Akçansa.

Declaration of Equality at Work and the Global Compact / WEPS “Women Empowerment Principles” were signed in this context in 2013 and 2014. Collaborations with various project partners focusing on women such as “ “Ladik Glass Workshop” and “We Again” giving an opportunity to turn the labor of housewives of Ladik into economic value by contributing to their production activities still continue.

As one of 20 companies participating to the Domestic Violence Survey held within the scope of the Business Against Domestic Violence (BADV) project launched by the Sabancı University with the support of UNFPA in 2013, Akçansa received BADV training of trainer in 2018 and has been the first company publishing “Social Gender Equality in Akçansa” policy in the Sabancı Group.

The policy establishes support mechanisms, as well as promises 30% women in the management of Akçansa.

Following the search conference held related to turn BADV into a sustainable structure by the member companies, Akçansa has become one of 12 companies in the Founders’ Committee.

Held for field and office employees at three main locations (Istanbul, Çanakkale and Samsun) since 2018 and attended by approximately 200 Akçansa employees to date, the “Social Gender Equality” workshops still continue.