Stakeholder Participation

Having adopted a participatory management approach, Akçansa remains in constant dialogue with its stakeholders and provides transparent data regarding its environmental, social and economic performances to meet any requests, views and suggestions. Considering dialogue with the stakeholders and participatory communication models an indispensable part of its sustainability strategy, Akçansa takes a proactive approach to keep developing dialogue channels with its stakeholders further.

Believing firmly in the fact that sustainable development can be achieved through harmonious cooperation with the stakeholders, Akçansa has adopted the motto “Stand up, Speak up, Participate” and therefore works with its “neighbors” for a common future.  The main objective of this practice is to provide information for the local communities regarding the current as well as planned studies, to reach large masses and strengthen the communication network, to discover areas requiring development and thus provide further benefit for the community.

Akçansa annually meets with its business partners, suppliers, dealers and customers along with local communities and other stakeholder groups at the “Stakeholder Meetings”, “Neighbor Council”, “Bridge Day” and similar practices organized. Thanks to those meetings, Akçansa seeks to devise creative solutions, make the best of its strong sides and discover the aspects it has to improve in collaboration with its stakeholders, who have contributed significantly to its success.  Apart from that, Akçansa senior managers participate in those meetings, thus enabling the stakeholders to be informed on the developments and information regarding the company at first hand with transparency.

Our Dialogue with Dealers and Customers

Thanks to its market and customer oriented approach, Akçansa provides value-added products and services with superior quality standards for its customers. Local and international quality standards form the basis of the product and service studies. Apart from the biannual customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys held, brand perception and customer portfolio analyses completed during the reporting period provide invaluable feedback for the company to implement new strategies focused on improving customer loyalty, adapting to local demands, increasing market share and deepening customer relations. New practices devised through those studies include special programs developed for dealers and customer groups with a high loyalty level, payment system revisions initiated as well as new practices developed for bagged and bulk cement users.

As a result of its corporate strategy, Akçansa has introduced new practices in recent years to switch to a “business partnership” model from a customer-supplier model. In that respect, it has established direct communication channels to ensure a more comprehensive communication with the dealers and customers. Training given to dealers and customers regarding the impact caused by the consumption of the products and services along with the ways for proper use of the products and services besides the production processes constitutes one of the most important channels in that sense.

Akçansa Loyalty Programs

Demanding that the current relations should “go beyond doing business”, the customers interviewed as part of the market surveys held during the reporting period expressed their expectation from Akçansa to introduce practices that include communication channels, service types and conditions specially designed for them in line with their special requests from Akçansa. Consequently the bulk and bagged cement customers turned out to have different expectations from Akçansa, which led to the launch of Akçansa Loyalty Program to improve customer relations in that respect. Focused on the entire Marmara Region, the program is composed of subcategories that appeal to different segments. Within the scope of this plan, the following programs were initiated: “One Hundred Percent with Akçansa” for ready-mixed concrete producer customers, “Building Club” for the hardware store customers buying bagged cement, “Dealer Council” for the dealers and “Future Leaders”.

Yapı Clup

“Yapı Club” is designed to provide support for hardware stores, which receive bagged cement through dealer channels, according to the amount of cement they sell. A website dedicated for that purpose,, is available to make it easier for the members to access the application.

One Hundred Percent with Akçansa

Ready-mixed concrete producers are supported in different categories through the “One Hundred Percent with Akçansa” practice, which was launched in line with the special service demand from ready-mixed concrete producers using only Akçansa cement. Akçansa experts periodically visit the program member companies and assess them in terms of production, quality, environment, OHS, insurance, equipment and integrated management systems. Then they issue reports for further improvements available based on these assessments. The shortcomings of the program member companies regarding their laboratories were identified and met in 2013 thanks to Akçansa support while training opportunities were provided for the companies’ employees about quality,  environment and OHS, and their product quality control processes were improved.

Dealer Council

“Dealer Council” is a program launched to improve the business processes of Akçansa dealers, which are positioned as business partners. Meeting periodically, the council  discusses the requests from dealers as well as their problems and suggestions. Council studies provide significant feedback for shaping Akçansa sustainability strategies.

Target for 2020

Stakeholder Participation
Target Description Key Performance Indicator Target 2020
Corporate Citizenship Launching corporate citizenship projects complying with the sustainability strategy Contributing to the development and growth of the society.
Increasing the stakeholder participation Research and mechanisms for increasing the stakeholder participation Establishing mechanisms directly forwarded to the board of directors for meeting the expectations of the stakeholders.
Being the most preferred employer Ranking in the list of most preferred employer Continuously being “Most Preferred Employer” in the industry and ranking in top 50 in all industries.