Basic raw materials used in the cement production are directly supplied from natural resources. Natural resource consumption, land use, operating the quarry areas, water consumption, wastes, and noise due to cement production are the factors constituting an impact on biodiversity. Not causing any permanent negation on Biodiversity, which has a significant importance for the continuity of activities, the natural life, and the society, and even providing a positive contribution has been defined as a strategic priority by Akçansa, and is listed among the Sustainability Targets 2020.

Biodiversity Competition

Due to the prioritized areas related to corporate sustainability, Akçansa attaches importance to bring back and rehabilitate the raw material fields in order to reduce its impact on the nature as a result of natural resource use.

Quarry Life Award is an international research competition organized for publicity and training on biodiversity in quarries.  Quarries feature different landscapes and habitats less damaged by the human activities.  Such unique habitats develop the extraordinary local flora and fauna.  With Quarry Life Award and projects, HeidelbergCement aims contributing to increasing the knowledge on biological value of quarries, and improving these.

Akçansa Quarry Life Award competition is carried out in Turkey. Publicity of the competition has been carried out by meeting the university students in person and by reaching out to them through the social media, and 14 projects have attended to the competition in 2014, and 23 projects in 2016 (by the end of February).


Permanent Contribution to Biodiversity
Target Description Key Performance Indicator Target 2020
Cement and Aggregate Preparing regain to the nature projects, and having them approved by the competent authorities Rate of quarries of which the regain to the nature projects are approved 100%
Closing the quarry areas where production has completed Rehabilitated area (ha) 25,0