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Roads of Kapaklı are being renewed with “Yolbeton”


Akçansa, the leading construction materials company of Turkey, started to apply its “Yolbeton” product, launched under Betonsa brand for offering an effective solution against the increasing highway repair costs and time spent, at Kapaklı district of Tekirdağ.

Roads of Tekirdağ will be renewed with Yolbeton offering cost and time saving compared to the conventional concrete roads.

The inauguration ceremony at Kapaklı of the Yolbeton Project, launched by Turkey’s leading construction materials company Akçansa and making a difference in the industry, was held with the participation of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Albayrak. “Yolbeton”, a product of long years of R&D efforts developed by Akçansa under the Betonsa brand, offers an effective solution against cost increase and time loss in repairing the highways.

In his inaugural speech, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Albayrak emphasized that they are acting upon the target of achieving a beautiful Tekirdağ and said, “I am closely following the road works being carried out. We have 1.700 kilometers of village and town road. We will continue investing to Tekirdağ. I wish this road would be auspicious for Karağaç and Tekirdağ. Our services will continue uninterruptedly with full pace.”

During his speech, Tekirdağ Municipality Assistant Secretary General Mehmet Zeki Gürcün stated that they used 100 percent domestic production in constructing the concrete road and added, “Roller compacted concrete roads are advantageous as they are long lasting, their transportation costs are low, and they are 49 percent cheaper than the alternatives. And the construction works can be carried out throughout the year.”

In his speech explaining the advantages of concrete, Turkish Ready-Mixed Concrete Association Laboratory Manager Cenk Kılınç said, “Concrete roads are two times more advantageous than asphalt roads. Our country is very convenient for the construction of long lasting concrete roads offering a better performance.”

During the inauguration ceremony, Akçansa Assistant General Manager Musa Keşaplı said they want to surround the entire Turkey with Yolbeton and said, “Yolbeton is more affordable and is also stronger in terms of durability than asphalt and conventional concrete roads in terms of cost, and provides approximately 50 percent saving in terms of labor with its quick application and repair-free structure. Concrete road is an option that is more durable than asphalt roads, requiring less maintenance-repair, its main material is supplied from own sources of our country, and is made with affordable costs. We are aiming to spread our success in Kapaklı with Yolbeton to entire Turkey, and to convert more highways into Yolbeton.”

Keşaplı stated that Yolbeton, developed under the Betonsa brand, offers a low cost, as well as advantages such as more than 40 years of physical life, labor saving, and high driving safety.

Stronger than the conventional concrete roads in terms of durability, Yolbeton is considered to become widespread in entire Turkey in the future.