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My Neighborhood project sheds a light on the future of young people from Çanakkale


“My Profession, Your Choice” group works, launched by Turkey's leading construction materials company Akçansa in cooperation with Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of National Education and TOÇEV and allowing the youth to become closely familiar with it implemented with the cooperation and youth recognize opportunity to become familiar with vocational fields, are completed.

Approximately 10 thousand students from 10 schools were reached in two weeks with the project carried out in Çanakkale within the scope of My Neighborhood project,

Akçansa's “My Neighborhood Project” met with high school students after elementary and secondary school children. With the project first started in Istanbul and continued for three years, more than 30 thousand students, teachers and parents received a training. In 2019, 10 schools in Çanakkale were visited and approximately 1.000 students were reached with “My Profession Your Choice” project launched in cooperation with Çanakkale Provincial Directorate of National Education and TOÇEV.

Group works were held within the scope of My Profession, Your Choice project where the students will get an insight related to them and learn about the professions. Within the scope of the program, 10th and 11th grade students had the opportunity to explore their talents through imaging study and a box game aiming to improve their self-perception aiming to increase attention and concentration skills.

While TOÇEV's specialist psychologists applied professional orientation tests to young people, Akçansa employees voluntarily shared their professional experiences with young people.