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An investment of 8 million TL from Akçansa to youth of Çanakkale


HeidelbergCement Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Scheifele: “We are glad of our business in Turkey”

The official opening of Fine Arts High School presented by Akçansa to Çanakkale and the youth of Çanakkale through an investment of 8 million TL realized with the participation of Çanakkale Governor Mr. Orhan Tavlı, Provincial National Education Director Mr. Ferhat Yılmaz, Sabancı Holding CEO Mr. Mehmet Göçmen, HeidelbergCement CEO Dr. Bernd Scheifele, Sabancı Holding Cement Group and Akçansa Chairman of Board of Directors Dr. Tamer Saka, HeidelbergCement Chairman of Board of Executives and Akçansa Vice Chairman of Board of Directors Mr. Hakan Gürdal and Akçansa General Manager Mr. Umut Zenar.

Göçmen: “Young population is our biggest driving force”

Sabancı Holding CEO Mehmet Göçmen reminded that Akçansa is an important cement actor and leader of Turkey.

Marking that they execute a successful partnership with HeidelbergCement, Göçmen said,“Akçansa is a very important corporate governance model in Turkish industry with 50-50 percent partnership. I hope that we will have the opportunity to carry these successful activities together with our partner to other dimensions in the future. Turkey is located at a very important geography, at an intersection point. And Çanakkale is the most important city of this region throughout the history. Turkey is a country with the youngest population in the world. Our population is 82 million people and the average age of our citizens is 29,7. Having such a demographics in a country like Turkey, with a very advanced level in development, is very important.”

Göçmen stated that there are more than 25 million students in Turkey, and continued: “Young population is the assurance of our future and is our biggest driving force. At Sabancı Holding, we are working towards our vision of “Sabancı of New Generation”. The average age of the employees of Sabancı Holding is 32. Sabancı Holding has an 8-percent share in the tax collected in Turkey. The share of Istanbul Stock Exchange is 10 percent. So, we have to create a suitable business environment for the new generation. In this respect, we attach great importance to our contribution to education. Fine arts have a significant importance not only for the growth of a country, but also for its cultural transformation. Therefore, I would like to thank the Akçansa management, who took this initiative, for their services. This work was brought to this city. This work is now entrusted to all of us. Now, it is time for the young people to speak up. They will further raise the bar with this opportunity provided to them. There will be very successful artists among them in the future.” Göçmen completed his speech as follows, “We are investing what we earn from these lands back to this country. 97 percent of our assets are within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. We will continue with our investments.”

Dr. Dr. Scheifele: “We are happy with our partnership with Sabancı and our business in Turkey.”

Dr. Bernd Scheifele, the CEO of HeidelbergCement - one of the world’s leading cement manufacturer group having half-half partnership with Sabancı Holding at Akçansa, said, “When considered in terms of Gallipoli Peninsular, we are happy to have a factory in a city that represents very strong and rooted relations between Germany and Turkey. As a company operating in the cement and heavy materials sector, we operate in 65 countries around the world. Our first priority is to provide opportunities to our customers with the highest quality cement and services. We can only be successful as long as our customers are successful. Our operations are quite local operations. Our principle of activity is to think globally and act locally. Therefore, we maintain our long-established relationship with Sabancı Holding and Akçansa with a great affection and respect.”

Emphasizing that Akçansa is very successful in analyzing the local needs and launching the projects that best fit its social responsibility approach, Dr. Scheifele wished success to the students of the Akçansa Fine Arts High School.

Investment by Akçansa to the future of Çanakkale

Sabancı Holding Cement Group and Akçansa Board Chairman Dr. Tamer Saka stated that Akçansa, which is selected as the “most admired company” in its sector for the last 17 years, provides a resource to the Turkish economy through employment, production and export, and continued: “Akçansa provides an employment opportunity to Çanakkale and citizens of Çanakkale, which Akçansa is a part of since 1974, and ensures a significant economic activity in the neighboring cities and region. By selling the products we produce in Çanakkale to all around the world, we bring significant foreign exchange inflow to our country and contribute to the current account deficit. We also take part in the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge project as one of the important solution partners. Akçansa uses the resources, which it derives from its industrial and business activities, to create value in fields such as culture, art, education and environment within the framework of social responsibility. We attach a great importance to supporting our youth, the bright future of our country. As the most concrete example of this understanding, we are very proud to present Akçansa Fine Arts High School to Çanakkale.”

Built for preparing the students to the fine arts faculties and conservatories according to their interests, requests and talents, Akçansa Fine Arts High School is launched as an education institute needed by the youth with 27 classrooms equipped with most advanced tools and equipment, as well as its library, laboratory, additional classrooms such as recording and broadcasting, sports hall, conference hall, and infirmary.