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Highly Durable Dynamic Cement by Akçansa: Durable and sustainable structures with ActionCem


The leader of Turkish cement sector, Akçansa attended to the International Construction Show Istanbul held for the 37th time between May 6-10 and introduced ActionCem, the newest product of its market focused approach, to the professionals of the sector for the first time. Besides the introduction of the new product, it also gathered the Yapı Club Card together with the visitors.

Akçansa introduced its ActionCem product being developed for the purpose of creating environment friendly, sustainable, durable and strong structures to the professionals of the sector during the Construction Show Istanbul.

Stating that Akçansa develops new products and services through following up the market dynamics, customers and the requirements of the customers in a systematic manner, Akçansa General Manager Mr. Hakan Gürdal said, “We are continuing our activities and being a leader in the sector with our marketing strategies, which are the products of a market focused and solution creating approach, and our product portfolio. We are glad to introduce ActionCem, which is the newest product developed as a result of continuous activities in this field, to the professionals of the sector for the first time in the Construction Show.”

ActionCem with low-carbon emission is both dynamic and durable!

The General Manager Mr. Gürdal provided the following information about ActionCem: “With our Betonsa brand, we are continuing our activities through the aim to offer the most available solutions to our customers. ActionCem product, which we brought into life as a result of these activities, contains mineral additive of 36-55%. Since causes less greenhouse gas emission, it’s an environment friendly product. It has a high resistance against hazardous environmental impacts, particularly the sulphated media. Through its easy processability, long-term durability development, etc… superior features, it provides convenience to the users. It exhibits high performance particularly in mass concrete applications with its low hydration heat value. “

Winning card by Akçansa: Yapı Club

Brought into life through aiming to contribute both in the productivity and the profitability of the business partners, Mr. Gürdal said the following on Yapı Club Card, “As of our establishment, we always formed a connection between our companies and business partners where both sides win. Now, we improved this relation more and brought the Yapı Club Card project into life. Being a first in the sector, Yapı Club Card not only assists in the single-channel quick supply of Akçansa products, but also of the other brands. So, provides direct contribution both in the productivity and profitability of our business partners. The most important feature of Yapı Club Card is that it forms a wide network through gathering different brands and their vendors together with the business partners.”

Akçansa Unites the Continents with 100+ Concrete!

During the Construction Show, Akçansa introduced its 100+ Concrete that is being preferred in the 3rd Bosporus bridge project of Istanbul and has a service life of one hundred and more years. Mr. Gürdal used the following expressions, “As the leader construction materials company, Akçansa creates difference in the sector with its expanding innovative product portfolio. 100+ Concrete is a product that carries important reinforced concrete projects to the future by means of its project life of more than 100 years. With this product, Akçansa became the concrete supplier of the 3rd Bridge and connection roads on the European side. We will continue to give increasing importance for our customer focused projects.”