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“Fine Arts High School” by Akçansa to Çanakkale


The protocol signing ceremony for “Akçansa Fine Arts High School”, a project to be launched with the cooperation of Akçansa, Turkey’s leader construction materials company, with the Ministry of National Education and Çanakkale Governorship, was held.

 Çanakkale Governor Hamza Erkal, Provincial National Education Director Zülküf Memiş, Akçansa General Manager Umut Zenar, and senior executives of Akçansa have attended to the protocol signing ceremony of the high school planned to be completed until the academic year of 2017-2018.

Akçansa, Turkey’s leader construction materials company, is realizing “Akçansa Fine Arts High Schools” in cooperation with the Çanakkale Governorship and the Ministry of National Education. It’s been planned to complete the construction of the high school, of which the groundbreaking ceremony will take place in September, until the academic year of 2017-2018.

During the protocol signing ceremony, Akçansa General Manager Umut Zenar stated that they are proud and happy to be in Çanakkale and to produce in here, and said, “Fine Arts High School will become an education center with 31 classrooms in total including 27 classrooms, as well as a laboratory, culture classroom, design classroom, recording and broadcasting room, and tonmeister room. We are always ready to do our part for a good education and future for our young people. As Akçansa, we will continue supporting the youth, the bright future of our country, as well as working determinedly. We will continue producing by sharing what we get from these soils with the people of these soils, as a Sabancı principle.” Zenar also highlighted that they will continue with new investments and producing added value products for the Turkish economy to grow steadily.

During his speech at the protocol signing ceremony, Çanakkale Governer Hamza Erkal emphasized the importance of contribution provided by such a big company to Çanakkale, and said, “Well-established companies have to carry out social projects at the regions they are operating in. Akçansa Fine Arts High School, which we believe to be a contemporary school befitting Çanakkale, is a good example for this. I would like to than Akçansa who produces works protecting the Çanakkale’s future, and I hope Akçansa Fine Arts High School will be beneficial.”

The high school will be established for preparing the students to the fine art faculties and conservatories according to their interest, request and talents, and will be consisted of modern classrooms, conference and performance hall.