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Betonsa monitors the quality of concrete instantly and remotely with the vodafone technology


Vodafone Business offers productivity and savings for businesses with its digital solutions. Betonsa, Akçansa's ready-mix concrete brand, leads the way with its Smart Concrete solution that uses the Vodafone Business technologies, allowing instant monitoring of the concrete class. The quality of concrete is measured by digital sensors placed inside the concrete. Betonsa is the first concrete company to prove the sustainability of its quality and share it with its customers thanks to the technological infrastructure provided by Vodafone Business, while the end consumer can instantly control the class of concrete used in the project with real data.

Vodafone Business offers productivity and savings for businesses with its digital solutions and ensures customer satisfaction by using the most accurate channels. Betonsa, the ready-mixed concrete brand of Akçansa - Turkey's leader construction materials company, has chosen the Vodafone Business technologies to enable the digital transformation of concrete production. Vodafone Business and Betonsa ensure that the class of concrete is monitored remotely in real-time, measured, reported, and shared in the digital environment with a project that is a first in Turkey. Betonsa became the first ready-mix concrete company to prove its quality and share it with its customers.

With the “Smart Concrete” project, which Vodafone Business and Betonsa have strong cooperation, the quality and durability of concrete used in buildings can be monitored transparently through the application installed on the phone. With the technological infrastructure offered by Vodafone Business to Betonsa, the quality of concrete is measured by digital sensors that are placed inside the concrete. Several data are recorded in the system for classifying quality parameters of the concrete produced. These records can be shared safely with Betonsa’s customers.

Meltem Bakiler Şahin: We offer value-added solutions

Stating that businesses need to focus on digitalization to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Executive Board Vice President of Vodafone Turkey, emphasized that they offer a wide range of value-added solutions from the Internet of Things to cloud applications, building network solutions to mobile communications as the “digital business partner” of businesses in every industry from retail to agriculture and finance to construction.Meltem Bakiler Şahin continued:

“For long years, we have told that digitalization is a must for security, savings, increase in efficiency and not to miss out on opportunities, and digitalization will put businesses one step ahead of the competition. Digitalization reshapes the business methods, businesses, and customer experience. With the solutions we offer, we ensure that businesses manage and maintain their business processes remotely, from production to energy and machine monitoring. We attach great importance to our project with Betonsa. Betonsa is one of the leading companies in the industry that has been producing quality products for long years. It also demonstrates this in terms of digitalization and innovation. With our cooperation, we have made it possible to check the class of concrete used in the buildings in real-time. For the first time in Turkey, Betonsa and its customers can control the quality of concrete remotely. We will continue to support our businesses with our operational efficiency, remote management, and efficient working solutions.”

Barış Karahüseyin, Vice General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Akçansa, said, “Digitalization ranks first among the important investment items for Akçansa. We set out to make a digital transformation in a conventional product like ready-mix concrete to shape the future of our industry. We wanted to develop a product that we could determine the quality of concrete with the help of digital sensors we placed inside and monitor it remotely. Vodafone provided us with all the infrastructure services we needed for this purpose. This solution is a first in Turkey and Betonsa continues to lead the industry in digitalization and innovation with this new product.”