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Akçansa received Stevie Award with "My Neighborhood" Social Responsibility Project


"My Neighborhood" social responsibility project of Akçansa, the leader construction materials company of Turkey, launched in cooperation with Büyükçekmece District Governorship, Büyükçekmece District National Education Directorate and TOÇEV, has received an award in "Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe" category in the International Stevie Awards considered as one of the most prestigious competitions of the world.

Launched last year with the cooperation of Akçansa, Büyükçekmece District National Education Directorate and Tuvana Education Foundation for Children (TOÇEV) in order to ensure that the students studying in Büyükçekmece express themselves better and raise as individuals with high consciousness level away from anxiety and anger, "My Neighborhood" Project has received an award in "Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe" category of the International Stevie Awards.

17 thousand parents and children were reached

Programs featuring educations for the parents and the children at the age range of 6-12 were organized within the scope of "My Neighborhood" Project. Through these programs, TOÇEV's specialist educators provided details on raising a child to the parents, as well as on how to better communicate with their social circles to the adolescent children in separate groups. All the elementary schools in the area were visited and free educations were provided with the mobile education center designed for the project, and total 17 thousand parents and children in the area were reached by the end of the academic year of 2016-2017.

Akçansa General Manager Şahap Sarıer stated that they carry out efforts based on sustainability with the awareness that they are not only responsible for the present generation, but also for the next generations. Sarıer said, "The award we have received for "My Neighborhood" social responsibility project, which we have launched by aiming better communication between the new generation and their parents and setting a sound basis for the future, has shown us once again that we are on the right track and the significant changes we created have extremely motivated us for reaching out to more children. Our aim is contributing to the social happiness starting from the family... We will continue with the educations, where we have touched thousands of people, this year too. After reaching out to all the children in Büyükçekmece district, we will continue with the educations at Çanakkale and Samsun - Ladik where we have factories."

In the studies carried out after the educations within the scope of "My Neighborhood" Project, the children experienced a positive change of 18 percent in the test of expressing themselves, 22 percent in tests on exam anxiety, 30 percent in tests on anger level and 13 percent in tests on attention problem level.

8th grade students from Büyükçekmece district have also met with TOÇEV's specialist educators before TEOG Exam, and received education on how to remain calm before and after the exam and how to deal with exam anxiety. Parents received information on the methods for guiding their children in using the technology correctly through "technology addiction" seminars, as well as the children received information on recognizing their feelings and noticing the reactions arising in their bodies against some certain feelings through "I am getting to know my body" seminar.