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Akçansa promoted its special products in International Building 2009 Istanbul Fair


Leader of Turkish cement industry, Akçansa presented its horizontal design cement bags first in Turkey to the industry in 32nd International Building 2009 Istanbul Fair.

Akçansa showcased its Viskobeton and Dekobeton branded products as well as its new cement bags in International Building Istanbul Fair, which is the biggest fair of Turkish construction industry and which was held between May 6th-10th, 2009.

First in Turkey: Horizontal Designed Cement Bag
Creating difference with the innovative solutions it presents to the cement industry, Akçansa launches its horizontal designed cement bags. Attaching great importance and investing to innovation, Akçansa introduced its horizontal cement bags that are a first in Turkey and that will provide ease in use in Building 2009 Fair.

Viskobeton and Dekobeton applications attract attention in Akçansa Stand…

The most favorite brands in the product range of Betonsa, which produces normal and high resistance concretes in its ready-mixed concrete facilities in accordance to TS EN 206–1 standard, are Viskobeton , Dekobeton and Drabeton

Viskobeton, a self-setting, self-compressing and self-leveling concrete, maintains its consistence without decomposing with its high viscosity and its flowing. It can pass through close reinforcements and does not require settling with vibrator, so therefore it saves from labor and time. It provides a gapless and flawless surface. Viskobeton is used in areas with close reinforcements in all carrier building elements and reinforcing projects instead of standard concrete.

Aiming to provide for easy access of the industry to its needs by branding the sub-classes of Viskobeton as well, also targets to present the most suitable solutions to its customers.

Mentioned products consist of Viskotemel that may be used in foundation concretes, Viskokat that may be used in horizontal flooring of the buildings and Viskoperde that may be used in vertical elements. The new products varying in aspect of use, also differentiate with features such as design variation – spreading – particle size – settlement period according to the solution partnership created in the project.

Equipped with steel wires, Drabeton forms a three dimensional reinforcement system with homogenous distribution of steel wires. Having a high capacity of energy absorption, Drabeton improves the behaviors formed in concrete after cracking.