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Akcansa Organized “Concrete Symposıum” ın Samsun


Akçansa gathered the public officials and professionals together with a new concrete symposium organized in cooperation with Samsun State Water Affairs (DSI) 7th Regional Directorate. General information on the cement and ready mixed concrete is conveyed to the participators.

Flashing the cement and ready mixed concrete sector, the Concrete Symposium contributed in the development of the sector by means of the information exchange on the critical topics such as the recent technologies in cement, the method for manufacturing the concrete and the issues to be considered in practice. Being organized by Akçansa in various cities, this time the Concrete Symposium was organized in Samsun in cooperation with DSI 7th Regional Directorate.

During the symposium held on the 11th of June, Akçansa Ready Mixed Concrete and Aggregate Quality and Optimization Manager Mr. Muhittin Tarhan, Cement Sales Technical Support Specialist Mr. Yasin Engin and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Taşdemir from ITU were among the speakers. In addition to the general information about the ready mixed concrete, also information on the new trends and sustainability were conveyed to the participators.

When it is taken into consideration that our country is located on a seismic belt; among the compulsory phases of having a strong structure, the design, selection of correct material, supervision of the materials, paying due diligence to the assembly and labor carry vital importance. In this respect, the ready mixed concrete is the “building block” of the healthy and secure building. Therefore, the use of ready mixed concrete is a topic that must be continuously discussed and improved. The leading company of Turkish cement and concrete sector, Akçansa organizes symposiums in various cities with this awareness and aims to illuminate the sector.

The Concrete Symposium organized by Akçansa in cooperation with Samsun DSI 7th Regional Directorate was held on the 11th of June, Wednesday between 13:30-17:00.