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Akçansa organized a ‘Komşu Konseyi’ inBüyükçekmece


Akçansa, Turkey's leading building materials company, organized the traditional ‘Komşu Konseyi’ event in Büyükçekmece.

While the company informed its stakeholders about its ongoing andplanned works, mutual views and suggestions were discussed.

Continuing its activities with the understanding that sustainable development consistsof working in harmony with stakeholders, Akçansa held the Komşu Konseyi meetingon November 17 at the Büyükçekmece Plant.

In addition to its sustainability-focused activities that create value for its region, thecompany also informed its stakeholders about the social responsibility activities itplans and got their opinions on these.

Stating that Akçansa prioritizes projects and activities that provide benefits to thepeople of Büyükçekmece region thanks to the sharing of knowledge and experiencewith its neighbors, Akçansa General Manager M. Zeki Kanadıkırık continued asfollows, “We take great care to establish close relations with our stakeholders in allregions where we operate, to listen to them and exchange ideas. With the KomşuKonseyi meeting we held for this purpose, we aim to produce solutions with ourstakeholders and to move forward strongly together into the future.”