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Akçansa declared the first quarter financial results of 2009


Turkish cement industry’s leader Akçansa achieved 135.5 million TL sales revenues and 16.9 million TL operating profit in the first quarter of 2009 and compensated the narrowing in internal market with export. Continuing its investments in spite of global economic crisis, Akçansa declared that it has distributed dividends of 70 million TL in 2008. Akçansa, achieved the rank of 97 in Corporate Tax taxpayers list of 2008 with an imputed tax of  16.850.189,89 TL.

Operating under the partnership of Sabancı Holding and HeidelbergCement, leader company of the Turkish cement and ready-mixed concrete industry Akçansa declared its financial results for the first quarter of 2009.

According to the consolidated income table and financial results for the period prepared as of March 31, 2009 and sent to IMKB by Akçansa, the turnover of the company reached to 135,5 million TL in the first quarter of 2009. The operating profit of the company was 16.9 million TL, and period profit was recorded as -3,3 million TL in relation to exchange rate increase in financial expenses.

Akçansa Generall Manager Hakan Gürdal stated that construction industry is one of the industries that was affected the most from the global financial crisis, and underlined that cement industry went through hard times in relation to this.Gürdal said, “Cement industry found the solution in export while the internal market narrowed down.As Akçansa, we have compensated the gap from our domestic sales that decreased in parallel to our estimations with our international sales.Our international sales was tripled with the engagement of our second production line in Çanakkale.Our operational profitability was not effected from the negative conditions as a result of our international sales and the important cost measures we have taken.Despite the decrease in profit as a result of realization of our financial expenses in parallel to the change in exchange rates, we maintain our expectations for the future and continue our investments.Additionally, we have a comptetitive advantage in export opportunities thanks to the settled and wide sales network of our foreign partner HeidelbergCement throughout the world.”

Expressing that they focused on export with the advantage generated by the 2nd production line engaged last year that doubled the capacity of Çanakkale Factory and the logistics position, Gürdal said, “In parallel to the positive mood we strated to observe in general conjuncture, we aim to continue our operations focusing on infrastructure investments and develop our operations.”

Akçansa ranks 97th in Corporate Tax record holders list

On the other hand, Akçansa achieved the rank of 97 in Corporate Tax taxpayers list of 2008 declared by the revenue administration with an imputed tax of 16.850.189,89 TL