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Akçansa carried its support to the young employment to a global platform


Being a leader construction materials company of Turkey, Akçansa supported the Global Apprenticeships Network (GAN) formed for the purpose of dropping the young unemployment.

Starting its first national implementation under the leadership of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK – Türkiye İşverenler Sendika Konfederasyonu), the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) aims to reveal a road-map with the support of 21 member companies for solving the young unemployment in Turkey.

Within the scope of the agreement signed by Akçansa Human Resources Deputy General Manager Mr. Hakan Timur, Akçansa will work for reducing the young unemployment and provide support for the transition of the youth from their educational life to labor market.

Mr. Hacıkamiloğlu: “Having the young and innovative brains adds power to Akçansa”

Through underlying the importance given to the young employment, Akçansa General Manager Mr. Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu said, “As Akçansa, we act with the conscious that human resources carry great importance in achieving success. On one side, through the HR policies that we implement, we provide all opportunities to our personnel for individual improvement, high performance and success. Approximately 100 new personnel join us per year. And on the other side, through adding new graduates to our company; we pay importance to earn their young, innovative and vision holding perspectives. We believe that this adds power to Akçansa.”

Emphasizing that 47 percent of the personnel employed at Akçansa is Y generation, Mr. Hacıkamiloğlu said that they are a rejuvenating company and underlined the importance they give to the youth once again. Stating that they also come together with the youth in different platforms during the year and that they convey the cement sector and the privileges of being a member of Akçansa to them, Mr. Mehmet Hacıkamiloğlu added, “Through the Betonik Fikirler Project Contest and the Biodiversity Project Contest that we organized, we are offering chance to the university students to experience brain storming in terms of our sector and sustainability. Furthermore, we meet them in various career days, introduce Akçansa to them and conduct various interviews to offer them employment and apprentice at our company. We improve the university-sector cooperation. We will continue to make investment in the youth – the owner of the future.”